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There’s not a whole lot to say about us.

This website is all about YOU.


If it weren’t for your fantastic life, we simply wouldn’t be here.

We acknowledge that death is a part of life. However, we believe that so much more can be done to memorialize the extraordinary lives of ordinary people.

That’s why we founded Lastly.com − to help capture and preserve your family's wonderful history.

Your story is a part of that history. Without documenting the stories, memories and significant events throughout your life, there is a strong chance that it will all fade away. Future generations deserve to hear and learn from your story, and to be inspired by you!

Lastly.com delivers an easy way for you to take control of this process and simply document your own life or the life of a loved one.

We created Lastly.com to provide families with a meaningful way to commemorate and share a life well lived.

We are passionate about people and the amazing stories of their lives. And we believe that everyone serves a purpose… that their stories deserve be told.

What’s more, we know it is through an examination of the past that one gains a better appreciation of the present. Our LifeReview® provides that joyful look into the past.

So, in addition to helping your family secure legacies, our why became, “To enable people to appreciate where they’ve been so that they can find contentment where they are.”

Everyone has a story. We hope you will share yours!
- The Lastly.com Team

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