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Preserve Your Legacy

We created the LifeReview® to make it easy for you to build and preserve your LifeStory® or that of a loved one.


The process is simple: We’ll guide you through a LifeReview by asking you specific questions that give you the opportunity to share your stories. That’s it! We provide the prompts, and you tell us your stories.

It takes the work out of writing your story and saves it in a loving, visual format to be cherished by your family. The result will be a fun, meaningful way to display your personal LifeStory.

It’s all about the LifeReview

Enjoy an online walk down memory lane.

Our cultivated questions will help guide you through your past in an organized and easy to use format.

Discover more than 20 sections to answer in any order you choose.

LifeStory Timeline

Your timeline is a visual representation of your Life.

Your LifeStory will grow as you go. While you’re answering our simple questions, telling your stories, and uploading your personal photos, your timeline is automatically updated with your new events, keepsake pictures, and treasured memories. If your pictures say a thousand words, wait until you see them displayed on your own timeline!

Your interactive LifeStory allows you to click on the “profile picture” of an event and open an entire photo album from that particular event.

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is!


Gallery of cherished, life time photos and videos

You can upload individual photos or a group of photos during your LifeReview. With each photo, you’ll have the opportunity to enter a description, a memory or whatever comes to mind. In addition, your timeline photos are stored in your gallery albums. Why? Because Lastly.com is intended to preserve and pass along your legacy. Where else would you want to store your cherished photos and memories?

Gallery of Photos

The stories of your life.

During your LifeReview, you’ll be asked questions about the different phases of your life. These questions will help stimulate your memory and recall the things that made your life special: your hopes and dreams, your struggles and hardships, your triumphs and joys… even things you may have forgotten.

The result is a collection of stories that will be preserved beyond your life for future generations, so they’ll know you and the life you lived.

Your Stories

Interactive map of where you have lived and traveled

Your Life Map functions as a virtual map of your life: where you’ve lived, where you’ve worked, and where you’ve traveled. You can click on each pinpoint on the map to see details of your life or your loved one’s life at that time. Happy traveling!

Map of LifeStory
Family Tree

Your family tree

In large part, we are the result of our upbringing and the family who influenced us. Sharing descriptions and stories about your family is an important part of telling your personal LifeStory. During your LifeReview, you’ll have the opportunity to identify family members, including your ancestors. Upload pictures of your family to create a colorful and personal family tree.

Start telling your story today.

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