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Life Lessons  

Life Lessons - Are You Gleaning All The Value

Written By Lastly.com

Are you gleaning all the value from your memories?

After a loved one dies, we are only left with memories and maybe some physical possessions. These memories and objects are closely connected to a lot of feelings and even important life lessons.


Sadly, it is often the case where we don't fully appreciate the importance of someone in our lives until they are gone. Perhaps the sudden loss causes us to analyze our past with them to understand how they affected our own lives.  Our memories may even help us to make sense of future problems, decisions or circumstances that life throws at us.


Cory posted a Facebook update two weeks after his dad died. Here are some thoughts he shared:


“My dad dying has made me think non-stop. Can’t sleep because I’m thinking. Sure, there is all the philosophical, theological, existential stuff. What I’m talking about is my catalog of memories. I am not simply remembering things though. I am critiquing, dissecting, cross-referencing, and trying to glean every drop of value out of each memory that stands out.”


Critiquing & dissecting a memory can provide incredible insight. For example, when you remember something as a child, you do not process it the same as when you are an adult because you now know so much more about life. Tapping into a childhood memory containing choices your parent or guardian made regarding your diet or discipline techniques can bring awareness and understanding toward what kind of person they aimed to be; what values they believed were important.


If you’ve been watching the NBC television show This is Us, then you’ve experienced this same feeling as the audience. The writer has chosen to show us the memories of a family decades earlier so that we can understand what is happening in ‘real time’ today with the characters. We can judge for ourselves the reasoning behind their present-day decisions and choices. And, we can see how their life today is affected by events from their past.  


Cross-referencing memories is also a valuable tool. Taking into account several memories at a time can shine a light on a revelation that may have been eluding you. For example, why would your parent or guardian treat you and your sibling differently when you both came home with a bad report card? If you cross-reference other memories about how your sibling acts or reacts to discipline, you may be able to find some meaning in your parent/guardian’s reaction.


Our passion is to help people like you catalog your precious memories so they can be remembered by the loved ones you leave behind. Help your friends and family members make sense of this crazy thing called life by leaving them your own personal memories and your life lessons.


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There is more value in your memories than you realize.


Be remembered. Tell your Life Story!

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