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Telling Your Story, Writing Your Life Story  

Lastly.com: A Digital Storytelling Platform

Written By Lastly.com

Cope with Grief Through Digital Stories


Have you recently lost a loved one?

How can digital stories help you cope with grief?

Find out how to use Lastly.com's digital storytelling platform!


Welcome! We’re so glad you found this article. Because today is the best day to begin preserving your digital legacy. As they say, there’s no time like the present. And we certainly agree. There’s no sense in putting off telling your life story or preserving your family’s legacy for another day. That’s why Lastly.com has created a premiere digital storytelling platform.

When it comes to telling your life story, it’s important to know that the stories of your life are real, and they are important—not just to you but to your audience too. Memories are valuable. And unless they are recorded or written down, memories will inevitably be lost when a person passes away. So, don’t wait another day. Let’s get started creating your digital legacy.


What Is a Digital Story?

Digital stories help tell and preserve one’s own life story, a family memoir or a community’s history in a product that’s both available and shareable online in a digital media format: website, blog, apps, social media platforms, news feeds, etc. In this digital age, the modern convenience of digital storytelling invites everyone to take part in recording their part of history.

Life events and history happen from multiple points of view. You are integral part of your family history and your family is an important part of the community around you. So, it’s important to take the time to record those details, not only for you and your current family members but also for those who will come after you… those who will want to know where they and their family came from.

Not sure what to write about? Or what your audience will find interesting? If you are worried about taking on a monumental project, digital stories don’t have to be intimidating. A typical digital narrative can run about two or three minutes long and is told from the storyteller’s point of view. In that two to three minutes, the storyteller usually speaks approximately 250 words, allowing their speech to have periodic pauses. In other words, you don’t need to put together an in-depth documentary about you or your family, and you don’t need to write a novella either.

If you want to invite other family members to take part in your digital storytelling plan, you can string together each person’s narrative to film one complete or near-complete account of your loved one’s or your family’s history.

In essence, digital stories are a short form of digital filmmaking. Digital storytelling combines the methods of traditional storytelling (oral and written content, journal writing) with interactive elements, such as still images, videos, audio files, drawings, infographics, music, art, text, graphics, and many other forms of communication.


Digital Storytelling and Grief

How does digital technology affect experiences of mourning and the stages of grief?

Digital stories are an exceptional way to help cope with personal grief. If you have recently lost a loved one, this journey can help you come to terms with your loss while also learning more about your loved one, your family, and even yourself. Here are a few ways that digital storytelling helps with healing.

  • Talking to friends and family members about your loved one
  • Discovering your loved one’s history
  • Researching you family’s history
  • Using the grieving process to fuel creativity

Imagine you or a family member is interacting with the life story you’ve created about a lost loved one… and suddenly you get to hear your loved one’s voice, you get to see a video of them moving and talking and interacting with others. Those are incredible memories to always have at your fingertips. Creating a life story about your loved ones helps them to stay very much alive in the hearts, minds, and lives of those closest to them. It’s a personal, meaningful, heartfelt, forever gift that never stops giving.

Storytelling also creates resilience within your heart, mind, and soul. It gives you a positive, healthy way to move on while learning and growing at the same time—and becoming a stronger, happier, well-rounded individual for having taken the storytelling journey. Digital stories also help to strengthen family relationships and personal bonds.


How the Lastly.com Digital Storytelling Platform Works

At Lastly.com, we make the storytelling process as simple as possible. First, we guide you through a LifeReview™ by asking you specific questions about your life that give you the opportunity to share your stories. It’s that easy! We provide the prompts, and you tell us your stories.

Here are a few examples of the subject matter we’ll ask you about. If you don’t have an answer for something, you can always skip it entirely or go back to it later.

  • Where you lived when growing up
  • Your first job
  • Your first love
  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Your working years
  • Any military service
  • Retirement
  • Grandchildren
  • Moving
  • Vacations
  • Your parents
  • Your siblings
  • Family traditions
  • And so much more!


With more than 20 sections of life questions, you’ll be walking down memory lane as we guide your through your past and to your present. So, you don’t even have to write your LifeStory™. Just answer the questions and we’ll put it together for you.

Through our prompts and your answers, Lastly.com will create a loving, visual timeline of your life, complete with individual stories and any photos and videos you have uploaded to our site along the way. You’ll be able to click on each picture and each narrative as well as see the overview of a person’s life. We can also create a world map of the places you’ve lived and traveled. You can click on each pinpoint on your map to view the details of your life or your loved one’s life at that time.

In addition, Lastly.com can populate a family tree with your information. You can upload a picture for each family member and note some basic information about them.


Benefits of Using Lastly.com’s Digital Storytelling Platform

You’ll discover many benefits of using the Lastly.com platform. Probably the most important benefit of using Lastly.com’s digital storytelling platform is that you get to be in creative control of your story. By taking an active part in how your story is told, you can create something strong and lasting for your audience: family, friends, and descendants.

In addition, Lastly.com is the only digital storytelling platform with the highest form of security. So, your information and LifeStory™ are safe with us.

Plus, we are also the only digital storytelling platform that offers a lifetime subscription. For a very reasonable rate, you can pay a one-time-only fee for a lifetime of family story preservation. You can still add to your story as much as you want and continue to edit and refine your personal or family narrative as you go. You need only designate a caretaker for your Lastly.com account, so that your story can continue to be managed and maintained long after you are gone. What a great way to create a lasting legacy!

So, whether you want to preserve your own life story or record your family’s history or the life and times of a loved one, Lastly.com can help you create a beautiful, thoughtful, interactive representation of life in a social format. Your family, friends, and those who come after you will know the story and they will not only feel a part of the story themselves but they will also gain a stronger sense of self, knowing who they are, where they came from, and their family’s history as well.


What Should You Know Before Deciding on Digital Storytelling?

Lastly.com has made digital stories easy to create and made it easier to write about grief. If you feel that you need to get a little comfortable before using our platform, you may want to try a few things first.

  • Write down your memories.
  • Gather data about your loved one/family.
  • Attend a digital storytelling workshop.
  • Tell family and friends what you are doing and invite them to help.


Lastly.com: Your Best Source for Creating Your Personal or Family Legacy

Get ready to get social and start using Lastly.com to create a digital legacy. You have found the premiere platform for online storytelling at its best. No other company or website has put together such a comprehensive or immersive storytelling platform for telling and preserving one’s one life story.

Lastly.com takes the pressure off of storytelling, the creative process, and ‘getting it right.’ With our visual storytelling techniques, you are easily able to create engaging digital stories about people’s everyday lives that your family will love for many years to come.



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