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Family History  

Is It Really That Important To Know Your Family History?

Written By Lastly.com
Quick! Grab your thinking caps and strap ‘em on tight. It’s time to test your knowledge!

Go ahead and try your hand at our six-question quiz. Let’s call it... “How Much Do You Really Know About Your Family History?”


  1. Do you know when & where your parents were born?

  2. Can you name all of the jobs your grandparents had?

  3. What are the major life events in your parents’ lives that shaped who they have become today?

  4. How have your family’s religious & political beliefs changed over the years?

  5. What are your family members’ proudest accomplishments?

  6. Does your family have any secrets?


Well, how did you do? Was it easy or hard? Did you have trouble remembering or were you never told some things about your family history?


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A lot of families live in the now. When they spend time together, little effort is made to review the past, the history of the elders in the family. More time is focused on the children, current events and the challenges of the day.


Let’s pretend you knew all of the answers to our quiz. Would it have had an impact on your life?


Imagine the rewards of fully embracing everything about your family, good and bad, and being able to learn from the hardships and successes. What a way to save some time and embarrassment, huh? 


Now turn the tables and think about providing that for your family. Whether you think your life story is impressive or boring, your life is important to your family members. To your loved ones, the smallest details are cherished because they make you...YOU. Our children are really a reflection of ourselves. We instill them with our values, what we think is important, and how we think it is best for them to live their own lives. Well, without knowing the past, children can't appreciate where those values came from. All of these values lack meaning without knowing their origin.


Several years ago, a study was conducted at Emory University. Researchers were testing how much information teenagers knew regarding their extended family. The results were very interesting: Those who were able to recall more had higher levels of emotional well-being and identity achievement.


A quote from the researchers is as follows: “Family stories provide a sense of identity through time, and help children understand who they are in the world."


How powerful is that?! You may be only one person, but what you have to offer is priceless to future generations. You literally help them become better versions of themselves. They are able to understand that sacrifices have been made leading up to their lives - that ancestors paid dearly in order to move our country forward and to enable the family to thrive. Perhaps knowing the past allows them to appreciate how fortunate they are living in today's times.


Without this knowledge of the past, it is easy to take for granted what we have today.  The researchers in this study were able to conclude that children who know stories about their ancestors show higher levels of emotional well-being. We've all seen the difference between the person who lacks confidence and the one who just has it. Would you act any differently today if you knew that sharing the family history would enable the younger generations to be more grounded, more confident?


The evidence is there. It’s convincing. What are you waiting for?


Sadly, the story of most people's life will die along with them - all of their hopes and dreams, their struggles and achievements, their significant memories, will all be lost. 

Lastly.com enables you to easily capture the stories and special moments throughout your life (or that of a loved one) so that you will be remembered and cherished by future generations. Get started today!


Leaving a Legacy for Your Parents


***Information gathered from Emory University: http://shared.web.emory.edu/emory/news/releases/2010/03/children-benefit-if-they-know-about-their-relatives-study-finds.html#.WSTRrIWcHIV


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